This Blog’s For You

Hi, my name is Annie McGuire.

I’m here to help you learn how to build your own wonderful Journey Blog.  You can follow me while I explore and build Niche Sites, too.  That comes later in my game plan.  Both are great money makers.

Maybe you’re here because you’re fed up with living month to month.

Maybe you need to do more than head for work every day.

Maybe it’s more than that.

Whatever your reason, THANKS FOR DROPPING IN!

This blog is devoted to you, where you’re coming from, and what you are determined to achieve.

You can skip my backstory and get to yours HERE.

How I Got Here

I was driftwood my entire life.  No goals, no plans, blowing whichever way the wind blew.

That’s how I entered the business world, degree tucked under my arm.

I worked in banking, then went to work for a Fixed Base Operator (Aztec Aircraft at Long Beach Airport) and learned to fly all sorts of private aircraft.

For a few years, I owned and operated a print shop, only one of 2 women in Southern California to do so at the time.

There were more jobs, some good, some not so much; but I enjoyed it all – what an adventure!

I retired early due to an onset of Lupus (I’m in remission).  My hubby and I each received an excellent inheritance, and life was good.

Then the scammers came.  We were reeled in by a professional scammer, then another in an effort to recoup our losses.  It’s a common scenario, but we were still financially solid.  For a while, anyway.

The hub had a serious stroke, then a series of mini ones.  I became his 24/7 care giver for the next 17 years.

It occurred to me to start an online business

I’ve been on computers since the early 80’s.  I started surfing the minute Windows hit and did all my shopping online the minute that was available, so I figured, why not?

I looked around for a good deal, joined the Warrior Forum, and started studying under Cory Rudl and Declan Dunn.

One day I stumbled across a lawyer’s ad looking for scam victims to represent.  I read his blurb.  The dude was totally ignorant about the challenges crime victims face.  His ad said some really, really stupid things.

I screamed, WHAT THE HELL?! and began searching for more, finding 2 sites that wrote about scams and one that ridiculed scam victims.  I was livid.

I’d found my mission

For the next 10 years I pounded the keyboard night and day.

Post by post, I grew the site into a 2500+ page web site of reliable, usable, real-world information and legal how-to’s for fraud victims, backed up by thorough research.

I spent time with criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors, and all levels and divisions of law enforcement, local and federal.  I spent innumerable hours with scam victims.

When all was said and done, I turned the company over to the Board of Directors and retired for the second time.

The site hasn’t been touched for the last 10 years, BUT IT’S STILL MAKING MONEY! 

Oh yeah.  And the only ads left are generated by the AdSense I installed all those years ago.  The information I wrote for the site is that helpful and uniquely presented that the site has a Trust Factor of 5 to this day.

Of course, the bad times showed up

Our inheritances were just that, not money we had busted butt to achieve, and the hubby and I played the funds like lottery winners: stupidly.

By 2012, the money was all spent.  My sweet hub had passed away after a 37-year marriage, and the pets were gone, too.

Ay-ay-ay!  Talk about crisis management.

Oh, I soldiered on alright, knowing full well I had to add money to the till but putting it off – and off – and off, using a trainload of excuses, even during the ramen noodles months.

Fear of trying

The only way I knew how to get back on top was through the Internet and Online Marketing.

But I was flat out terrified of Online Marketing.  “I’d rather hang by my thumbs” terrified.

Frozen with indecision, terrified to throw myself into the task and take on the responsibility the entire process, the unopened and unread roads to riches products piled up.  For nearly 3 years I chased a myriad of rainbows that only lasted a day or two.

Frankly,  I was disgusted with my behavior.

One day, I reached that moment when the only way is up.  I grit my teeth and oomph … Just… Damn Well… Started.

I went through 6 WordPress themes before telling myself to just pick one and work with it.  I pulled up some old articles I’d written, re-wrote them and posted.  Oh.  Not bad.

Now here I am with my mojo back, growing my blog like a wheat farmer on speed.  And dang.  All it took was the first step?  You kidding me?


Whether you stumbled on my site during a search or found me through social media, the reason is the same.

You’re here because you are interested in getting from your CURRENT POINT A to your DESIRED POINT B.

Searching for the right incentive

Success and money are incentives that build desire.  You have desire already or you wouldn’t be here.

Now you need the incentive to get off your butt and actually do something effective, but “success and money” are such broad goals that it is impossible to grasp the how-to of the thing.

What to do?

Break it down into easy to understand bites.  Like Lego building blocks.

You already build something every day

You build something every day.

  • You set out to get to work on time, and you do.  Ta-da!  Success.  You make money.
  • You decide you want Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner, and that’s what you pick up on your way home.  Ta-da!  Success.  You save money because KFC is running a discount promo.  More money in your pocket.
  • You’re on a diet so you decide to pass on that gorgeous slice of chocolate cake, and you do.  Bravo!  Success again.  You save money by passing on the cost of the cake.  More money in your pocket.
  • You want a new car before this one breaks down.  So far, you’ve saved $400 toward the downpayment.  Woohoo!  The more you put down on the car, the less you pay in loan interest.  More money in your pocket.

Those are all building blocks, and that’s exactly how an online income is built: by a series of small accomplishments leading to bigger ones while making money in small batches that over a few months’ time become large batches.

*The amount of money made in Internet Marketing is an individual thing based on devotion to the project and how far you want to go.

Overcoming your fears and challenges

Chances are, you are facing one or more of the following roadblocks:

  • The commitment, “What if I can’t keep it up and quit too soon?  I don’t want to be eaten up by this.
  • Learning new stuff, “I don’t understand all this techie stuff.  I’ll just end up looking like an idjit.”
  • Stepping into the unknown, “The Internet scares me.  Who are all these people?  Life outside of Facebook is like going to the moon. How can I avoid getting hurt?”
  • Failure, “No, no, no.  If I fail, I’ll give up.  People will laugh.”
  • Fear of making money (yep, that’s a real thing)
  • Judgment, “I read about all these gurus who have made millions.  If I don’t do the same, they will think I am worthless.”
  • Sounds like too much trouble, too much work, and I’m already overloaded
  • No time, no money, no will power.
  • Already stressed to the gills
  • Annie, you have no idea …

There’s a glib answer for each of those objections.  I mean, there isn’t a single successful Internet marketer out there who hasn’t gone through all of that, and still does, regardless of the confidence level achieved.  Just not as often.

But that’s not the point.

The point is, you need a way to stop and breathe so you can get on the road to Point B.  That I can give you.  I respect each and every block you run into.

If you read my back story, you know I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, and that this blog is the cornerstone on which I am building another Internet success story.

Talk to me, tell me where you are now in your journey and I will personally get back to you: annie(at)  Here’s how:

Break it down and send it to me:

  1.  What are you bringing to the table?  List skills, what you’ve learned on jobs, education (drop-out works just fine, no worries), parenting, hobbies … like that.  All skills are useful and are put to work when building an income.
  2. What have you overcome? I mean, the one thing that was the hardest for you to get through.  It doesn’t have to be a monumental thing in the eyes of Mother Theresa; if it was a screamer for you, that’s all that counts.  That, too, is a building block toward a quit-your-job income.
  3. Lastly, what is the worst thing that is holding you back?  Doesn’t matter what it is, monsters are monsters regardless of how anyone else may view them.  Screw them, this is your story, your build.

Get How-To’s written from your point of view (I don’t take it for granted that you already know about all this Internet stuff), actionable content (actions you can immediately apply to your journey build), notice of fresh posts and upcoming ones, and more.