In my first Journey post, I told you that I want to buy a house.

Well, now, that’s all fine and dandy, but “I want a house” is a pretty big goal.  How am I going to get the money to afford it?

Aha!  I have a plan, and I’m sharing that plan with you, step by step, accomplishment by accomplishment.

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Product Creation Workshop | Fingherhut | LucidCharts
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Success through flow charts and mind maps

For the most part, we are visually oriented, even if we prefer reading our studies.  We visualize our dreams, analyze body language during conversations, and visually “read” our children and our pets.

I’m a flow chart person.  They are totally visual: happy and colorful.  Once you get into developing flow charts, wow.  It’s hard to miss a beat on your journey to your goal.

You must have seen flow charts and mind maps in your travels across the Internet, and they can look pretty daunting; no doubt about it.

What you’re seeing is the finished product, not the first baby step version.  Workflow charts and mind maps don’t have to start with more than a couple of boxes.  You create more task boxes as you learn what else needs to be added to your task or project.

Here is the basic, no frills flow chart I built well over a year, no – 3 years ago that will lead me toward my goal.

Buying Our Own Property flow chart
Designed using Lucid Charts Free 30-Day Trial. Within a few days of playing with their features, I subscribed to the Premium version. I LOVE this product!

As you can tell by the years, I was a bit of a slow starter, but at least I had a flow plan.

And guess what?

Those green boxes are tasks I’ve completed.  I’m in the yellow box now.

Thing is, each of those boxes leads to a task chart of its own.   I didn’t really need to build a task chart for the first 3 boxes, but now I live in flow charts and mind maps.

In my next post, I’ll show you the flow chart I’m working on right now.


Study Internet Marketing (IM)

Yeah, that one was an eye-opener.  See, I made my bones in Internet Marketing in my 50’s, when the Internet was populated with you, me, and the fence post.

Making money was dirt easy.  Ehhnn, things have changed a bit.  The Internet I came back to is a big hairy monster.

I had no clue where to start learning, so I threw a dart at a couple of topics and read until my head no longer spun around like a child actress in an exorcism movie.

Oh, yeah – and I bought an array of products that were supposed to transform my life.  They did … and they didn’t.  We’ll get into that in another post – what to do with shiny new object leftovers.

Didn’t take me long to realize I was going to need a coach, and a right smart one.


I had to build a credit line so I could afford one

Build credit line to $5K

Not that a good coach was going to cost me $5,000, more like $2,000, but as long as I was headed in that direction, might as well go for a bit more.

Believe it or not, I started with opening a Fingerhut account.  I mean, I had ZERO credit.  The last time I owned a credit card was in the early 80’s.  I preferred saving up for what I wanted, earning interest on the saved funds.

It costs more to buy through Fingerhut, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Once your credit score is in the upper 600’s, credit card offers start coming in.  I use Credit Karma to track my progress.  It took me 18 months or so of paying off Fingerhut’s $14 and $15 per month charges for small products I’d bought before I reached the point where I could open more cards.

If I remember correctly, you need 3 or 4 credit cards with payments being made on them to earn a decent credit rating.  Go look it up at Credit Karma.

Finding the right coach

As time went by, I found myself gravitating toward a certain type of Internet Marketer:

  • Years of experience
  • 7-figure successful
  • Creates practical products that deliver and are easy to grasp
  • Friendly toward Internet stumble bums like I was
  • Overloaded with affordable value

Come to find out, all the marketers I was following know each other, partner on projects, and are fast friends.

They are John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson, Omar Martin, Michael Cheney, and Simon Hodgkinson.

There are others I follow, and I will list them in another post.  If I gave you all my info at once, there’d be no reason for you to come back now, would there. 😀


They are all multi-millionaires, came up the hard way, finally zeroed in on hiring a coach.  At least the 3 in the middle did.  And the coach-o de tutti coachies is ….John Thornhill.  [RE-WRITE OR TOSS!!]

John Thornhill is my coach.  And thank God for that.  The dude really has changed my life from cringing in the toilet at the mere mention of Internet Marketing to plowing ahead with confidence and a road map.

It’s John who’s walking me through product creation.  It’s John who’s making it possible for me to run a successful Affiliate Marketing income project.

Ya’ gotta’ love it.  I sure as hell do.



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