Hello there 😀  Thanks for taking an interest in building journey niches.

Journey Niches is first and foremost a teaching site where you will learn to build a journey blog then expand into other niches, one complete task at a time.

The principle of making money online is to create a variety of income sources.

Relying on a single income source is deadly because in the wild world of the Internet, your sole income source can belly up in a heartbeat.  The more income sources you have, the less you have to worry about at 3 AM.

The 3 main ways of creating multiple income sources are to build a steady stream of income producing blogs, to create your own products, and to engage in affiliate marketing.

Follow me as I do all the above in a scheduled manner, holding myself accountable as I go.  If I set myself a task, and I set lots of little ones in the form of goals to be achieved, I can’t really move very far along without completing that task.

It doesn’t always flow smoothly.

For instance, I scheduled a task that I couldn’t get into without panic attacks and nightmares.  Geez, what a pain.  Rather than wasting my time in a state of frenzy, I re-scheduled the task, breaking it down into itty-bitty goals I can achieve in between writing posts and working on my first product, scheduled for release in Spring of 2019.

What you will learn by following me:

  • How to get around the overwhelm, the fear, and innate desire to run as far as you can from the Internet while still making money from it.  Yeah, no – that doesn’t work.
  • How to view the Internet for real, instead of just looking at it like a strange blob from outer space.
  • How to work in a chronological manner instead of jumping all over the place.
  • How to map your Internet adventure that works with your schedule, not mine.
  • Details explained in a way that you can study while being interrupted by a busy life.
  • Recommended courses that you can study while being interrupted by a busy life.
  • How to make yourself accountable.
  • How to build a practical, helpful blog.
  • How to get going in affiliate marketing.
  • How to create products that sell, from small projects to large projects.
  • And of course, lots more.  After all, I’m in this for the long haul so there will be a lot of knowledge to pass on to you.